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Before purchasing this service, I must be able to hear your idea first to determine whether or not I can help you with this service.  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ALL OF THE THE SERVICE DESCRIPTION, THE Q&A, THE CO-WRITE INSTRUCTIONS, WHAT TO EXPECT, AND THE SONG ARRANGEMENT ACTIONS SECTIONS BEFORE MOVING AHEAD WITH THIS SERVICE.

THE SERVICE:  If your song catches my attention, I will send you a co-writer agreement for a fee of $500.00 in where I agree to co-write your song. The agreement will contain a start date with a deadline of no more than 3 business days for completion. If I can't get it to where I'm confident adding my name to it within the aforementioned time from the agreed upon start date, then I will gladly refund your entire fee the next day.


Have you come to a place in writing your song where you feel stuck?

Do you feel that it needs something more but you just can't see it?

Do you feel that experienced input can break the writer's block you may be experiencing?

Do you feel that a second ear and  a different perspective from another experienced professional can help bring you to completion?

Do you feel that a confident co-writer can help bring your creation to the place it needs to be, a production ready song?

If you've said yes to any of these questions, then you need a co-writer and you've come to the right place because I've been noted by my respected colleagues as being one of the most prolific and consistent writers of my day.  And I say this with all humility because it's just a gift and I wish to encourage your confidence in the results. I won't work on something if I believe there is no potential because I care about music and so I have no other option but to care about the potential of your song If I agree to work on it.

As I make mention on the Song Critique page: Make sure your song is ready before you enter into production because it can quickly become an unnecessary costly endeavor if you are not sure of where your going. This is part of what we used to call back in the day, pre-production. The next step in pre-production is to create a state-of-the-art work track to build your entire production on.  To check out this service, see the "Work Track" page.


Before purchasing your order you need to submit your unfinished song idea for potential evaluation to the following e-mail address:


Please Include the name of the service you purchased in the e-mail subject.  If the song needs a live performance, then make a video of your song and upload it privately to YouTube, Vimeo, etc., and send a link to where it can be viewed and evaluated. If  your song is excepted for a co-write session, you will receive a co-writer's agreement that you must sign and timely return a signed copy to the aforementioned e-mail address before you purchase this service.  Once the confirmation of your purchase has been received, the co-writing process will begin. When completed you will receive a piano or guitar with vocal finished song idea mp3   


Song direction assessment and adaptations.

Rhythm, Style, tempo assessments and adaptations.

Song structure and chord shaping 

Melody assessment and melody shaping.

Lyric assessment and suggested lyric adaptations.

Word phrasing assessment and adaptations.

Piano or guitar with vocal finished song idea mp3 

NOTE TO THE SONGWRITER:  A good co-write is done by keeping as much of the original idea as possible and any lyric adaptions are made in mind to better enhance the message of what the writer is seeking to get across. Music is one of the few mediums where musical sense takes precedence over poetic delivery.


1.  Send your song idea and lyrics sheet to the JGM email for evaluation.

2. Wait for a response.

3. If accepted, sign the attached CO-WRITER'S agreement and return-send a signed copy to the JGM email. 

I you've taken these three steps and you are ready to move ahead, use the PayPal links below.   If you want to use a credit or bank card, uncheck the "create your PayPal" option button in the card information form and choose "Pay as a guest"