My Blessed Easter


Hello friends, and team members, I hope that your Easter was a blessing, and if wasn't, don't worry, things don't always work out as expected in life. I wish you many blessed Easters to come. I had an amazing Easter because the real blessing wasn't just about the event itself, but it was about the revelations and blessings that God shared as we acknowledged this great event.  So, with that, here's my Easter story.  Two days before Easter Sunday, my middle son James walks into the living room to announce to my wife and I that he had re-dedicated his life to Jesus Christ!  He said he had anxiety issues amongst other young man struggles, and he felt it was time to do something about it.  So, he got on his knees privately in his room and had a talk with God. He said after that he felt so much better and that his anxiety was completely gone. The whole family was blessed and encouraged by this which made Easter even more impactful. It's funny because on mainstream channels pharmaceutical companies where really pushing anxiety drugs with side effects that included death! every time the commercial would run, I would think of my son James and say under my breath "Got Jesus?"  These are the things in life that give you the most joy, peace and happiness when you are a believer. Those of you who raised your kids up in Christ must know that at some point, as they become adults, the enemy is going to challenge their faith with groundless cliches that are spoken in the ear by so-called friends or acquaintances or via multi-media sources.  Statements like your parents' religion and finding your own way and so forth.  Continue to pray for them because when they come to a crossroad, they will return to the roots of their faith and for the first time, they will experience God move in their lives.  Now they will know without a doubt that it's not just the religion of their parents, but that God is real, and He is always there for them.  Well, that's all I have to say in this e-mail which you heard first.  I will also post this on Facebook and feel free to share your Easter experience in the comments.  I love you and may His peace be upon you and yours. 

Love Jon Gibson

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