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Production can be expensive and so it's important to be sure that your song falls somewhere within basic industry standards of a song that is ready for production before you invest in a professional recording.  Song structure, melody, lyric and style.  These are the basic elements to songwriting that someone of my ability and experience knows instinctively.   For those who may be unfamiliar with my credentials, you can check out my bio and listen to music I've  written and produced on YouTube and make a decision from there.

THE SERVICE:   For a fee of $15.00, I will give you a professional critique for your original song and expert advice on how to improve it.  And, if your song is already within basic standards then you will get a confirmation e-mail or text from me stating so which can add to the validity that you have a complete song that is ready for production.  Please read the Q&A below and instructions before purchasing this service.

Q & A 

 How complete is your song idea?                                                       

Are you confident in your song and melody structure?                     

Are you confident in your lyrical choices?                                           

Do you feel that the phrasing of your lyrics can be improved upon?

Are you satisfied with the style you've chosen for your song?     

Would you be open to arrangement suggestions?

Do you feel that you may need more advanced production services?



After purchasing your order you will receive a confirmation for your order from PAYPAL.  After receiving the confirmation email you can then send a link to your song or an mp3 attachment to the email address below.  Please Include the name of the service you purchased in the e-mail subject.  If the song needs a live performance, then make a video of it , upload it privately to YouTube Vimeo, or other and send a link to where it can be viewed.

If you've have read and understand the service details and are ready to purchase this service, use the PayPal links below.   If you want to use a credit or bank card, uncheck the "create your PayPal" option button in the card information form and choose "Pay as a guest"