1. I Want I Need

From the recording The Storyteller

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I WANT I NEED (Feat. Veronica Petrucci)
(Words & Music by Jon Gibson - © 2012 Reachers Music/A.S.C.A.P)

Jon Gibson: Drums, bass, pianos, electric guitars, synthesizers, hand percussion, lead, and background vocals. Veronica Petrucci: Lead vocals. Adrena Jensen: Background vocals


Intro: Well, well…yeah. Mmm, mmm, yeah. Sing with me: Verse

Chorus 1: I want, I need, I have all I need in You. My love, my life, my Lord, my King. Wooo, ooo, ooo ooooo, ooo. Ooo, ooooooo. Listen to me people:

Verse Chorus 2: I want (I want for nothing), I need (well, I need no thing) , I have (oh, I have) all I (all that I need) in You Lord. My love (You are my love), my life(You are my life), my Lord (my), my King. Mmm, mmm, mmm mmm, mmm, yeah, how, my Lord .

Bridge: Listen now; when the sun didn’t wanna shine (mmm, mmm) down on this heart of mine, yet, somehow through the rain, I can still hear Your name. You brought me through it all (through it all!) and never let me fall (never!) . So, this here song’s for You. Let it be Yours always (always! always!) Whoo, ooo, ooo, whoo, ooo (yeah!). Whoo, yeah (go ahead girl).

Chorus Vamp: I want (I want), I need (I need), I have (I have) all I (all that I need) in You (Oh Lord). You are my love (You are my love), You are my life (You are my life), You are my King (You are my King), yes You are. Yes, You are my love(oooo), sprinkled down from above. You are my life (You are my life), my Lord and my King, yes You are. You are my life (You are my love), Yeahhhhh (ohh!) hhhhh (ohh!) hhh, whooooooooo (ohh! Oh, ohhh!). Yeah, yea, yea, yea (yes, You are). My Lord and King (my King…Yeahhh!), yeah. I want, I need You.